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Digital marketing in digitized world

Digitization has swamped the whole world including every aspect of personal as well as commercial life. Few decades back technology was changing once over a decade but today it is changing virtually every year. With such rapid change even the devices are undergoing dramatic change and it is giving far more power in to human hand. The world is now connected with all sort of handheld devices and also with fixed devices. Digitization has made the communication very simple and you can virtually be present in another country or continent without being physically present. This has huge effect on the business environment and entire world is connected and has become a big market to be tapped for. Digital marketing is simply tapping the enormous power of devices across the world and delivers the content and message at the place , time of your choice and to whom you decide to deliver.

Digital marketing and enterprise world

Digital marketing plays a central role in marketing in any of the conventional and non conventional companies. It has surpassed the conventional tools of marketing more specifically the print and outdoor marketing. Some of the key advantages of digital marketing are

  • It is extremely targeted marketing
  • We have a choice of selecting the mode, time, area and other demo-graphical characteristics
  • We get substantial data post the campaign for analysis and which help in refocusing the campaign
  • Digital marketing crosses all the geographical barriers and reach out anywhere in the globe.
  • Extremely personalized marketing.

Digital marketing is no more confined to technology or service companies but it is also being used by traditional manufacturing companies. Digital marketing gives immense flexibility to the clients while deciding the objective of the campaign and can be used for promotion, branding, re marketing, market intelligence etc.

It is very complex encompassing the various aspects like internet marketing, social media marketing, on line marketing, etc. Each kind of marketing is an ocean in itself and needs to be tackled by a specialist. The common thread which bind them all together along with the overall branding and product vision is digital strategy. Without digital strategy any efforts on digital marketing will become futile and will not yield any results.

Digital marketing strategy also combines with the level of digitization in side the company. It also has to ensure that any change in technology and devices are brought under the umbrella of the digital marketing. These campaigns should be completely adaptable, flexible with  the new devices and technologies so that it always remain effective and useful.

With India having  more than 460 million internet users and they are expected to grow to 635 million users by 2021, digital marketing is going to play a dominant role in new few years. Similarly India has  close to one billion mobile connections which are spread across the country including the rural India and what better way there can be than to reach to your customers through digital marketing.

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