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Business Strategy

What is Business Strategy?

Business strategy is a combination of action/functions to reach a long-term unique position in the industry. It is not about creating the best company but it is about positioning it.There are two important questions that need to be answered for any business

  • How can I create unique value for my customers?
  • What do I want to offer to customers?

As an entrepreneur or CEO, you should not strive to create the best company because there is nothing like a ‘best company’ since it is relative. You would rather have to create different ways to compete within the industry so that your company achieves the unique position which is defined by the perfect business strategy.

Business strategy is always about making choices about your business, customers, products, etc. Competition in the industry will drive your choices about each of the elements mentioned above. Strategy is always about making long-term choices to operate and to remain competitive in the industry.

Strategy is the brain behind the company’s growth. Strategies are for the long term as well as the short term. However, strategy has different parts entangled with each other, and micro-level strategies have to be aligned with the overall business strategy. The strategy has to work in given constraints but at the same time open up new avenues of growth, new markets, new geographies etc. Many times, sudden change in the external business environment requires a pivot to the business model and this needs to be done carefully without disturbing the existing business.

Are you facing the following issues in your business?

You do not have a strategy to fight the competition

You do not know which approach should be used to achieve business growth.


You have a problem retaining the leadership position.


You cannot afford to have cost reduction as a business strategy.


How will you benefit from a Business Strategy?

  • A robust business strategy will help your organization to achieve a competitive advantage in the business environment.
  • Business strategy will give you a focused approach to giving value to customers by exploiting your own strengths.
  • Interdepartmental working will become more cohesive and focus on achieving the corporate goals.
  • Your business will remain competitive in the industry and will be able to retain market leadership.
  • Business strategy will help you to structure your approach to handle competition by adopting the best possible route

Our approach towards building your business strategy

  • Develop the long terms strategy of the company as a whole by understanding the expectations of founders, investors, shareholders.
  • Develop strategies for various departments which will align with the overall strategy and will sink in with the execution plan.
  • Monitor on a routine basis the growth and deviations with the strategic plan.
  • Consider options for pivot for the sudden change of business environment.
  • Help you to achieve the digital transformation by using the extensive network.
  • Ensure that progress is as per the financial parameters and strategic plan.

It would be a continuous process till the strategy is built in to the culture of the company.