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About Ajit Joshi

Born in Pune, India, Ajit was brought up and educated in various cities of India due to his father’s job. He comes from a family of engineers, academicians, government officials as well as freedom fighters! Along with the ongoing passion for his ancestral agricultural drive, he thrives on his multiple hobbies and gets a kick out of his professional life! Having travelled extensively across India and the world on pleasure and business, he has sharpened his skills of multi-location businesses as well as people’s management remotely.

A business consultant with personalised approach.

Ajit has a personalised approach while dealing with clients. He deep dives in to client’s business before providing any consultative solutions. As a business consultant he works very closely with the client by understanding his over all needs along with his personal goals and aspirations of business.

While designing the strategy for the client he aligns with the client’s long-term business goals. His style of consultation is extremely hands on and works closely with the client’s teams. He is far more realistic while offering the solution recipes and ensures that they are practical and achievable.

His approach towards client is more of a business coach, mentor rather than consultant. He strives to deliver the long term solutions which will integrate with the overall business strategy.

Business consultant and mentor

As a business consultant Ajit believes in creating value to the business. His personalised approach and involvement in businesses benefit from his immense knowledge across industries and countries. His hands on approach and deep involvement bring realistic and practical solutions on the table.


Offer consultancy services on wide range of areas like strategy, international expansion, business growth, business intelligence, and entry into Indian market.



Mentoring entrepreneurs and founders of select SME businesses and startups after evaluating the business ideas and potential. Mentoring is done over a period of 6 to 8 months depending on the need.


Conduct the business coaching specially in the SME and start up segment. Diverse topics are covered with case studies followed by question and answer session. These would be delivered in groups depending upon the subjects or theme.


Lectures in various forums and management schools for young entrepreneurs.




Content for credentials will be as follows

  • Accredited mentor on Business Mentor New Zealand Platform. This is a countrywide platform providing mentoring experts across businesses
  • Mentor in Residence with Centre of innovation and entrepreneurship at University with Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Advisor with Loyal VC, venture capital firm based in Canada giving support to more than 140 companies across the world.
  • Currently on Board of multiple companies as Independent Director. Certified company Director in India.
  • Worked and exposed to 8 industries like Renewable energy, Smart card, Technology, Media, Agriculture, Mobile, Digital health and medical devices, manufacturing. Established businesses in India, UAE, Jordan, Indonesia.
  • Successfully executed, expanded and divested two start-ups over the last decade by creating profitable exit to investors.
  • Member of the Eu-India InnoCenter Mentor Board. This is a consortium of organizations from Europe and India helping various European businesses to enter the Indian market.

Professional Journey

35 years in conventional large corporates, startups and consultancy.



Corporate Experience



Start Up Experience




Career Milestones

Nine industries

Textile, FMCG,Infrastructure, Renewable energy, Smart cards, Technology, Media, Healthcare, Agriculture

Executed, Expanded and Divested two startups

Raised multiple rounds of funding, completed acquisitions in India and overseas, created successful exit in both the start-ups.

International Experience
Set up and operated companies in

Middle East , Indonesia and Africa

Range of client industries.

Clients from Technology, Fintech, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Medical devices and healthcare