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New Zealand

“I’ve found Ajit to be realistic, action focused and easy to communicate with. His involvement in the agriculture industry in India, gives him enough insight into the challenges we are facing in NZ without any bias. I find that helpful. I’m happy to carry on with Ajit remotely.”

Cynthia Northcote
Director - 5th Business Agri

“I found Ajit to be very approachable and personable. He clearly has an extensive depth and breadth of knowledge, no doubt gained through his many years in business senior leadership roles. Two areas I found Ajit to be especially strong in were: (1) his systematic approach to determining a product’s market worth, and (2) help with pitching one’s business and/or products in a way likely to have the best possible impact. I look forward to continuing my working relationship with Ajit well into the future.”

Chris Dodunski
Founder – MarineBerth

“I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Ajit as a business mentor.He has the most practical business knowledge I have come across.Ajit is very thorough with his feedback, identifying areas of time wasting and has helped set my business up as a very focused company that hits monthly targets each month. I would recommend Ajit to anyone wanting to streamline their business and take it to the next level with his powerful business knowledge and expertise.”

Gemma Adams
Founder & Creative Director

“We were introduced by a mutual acquaintance, after In-depth discussion Ajit gave me the confidence that I was basically on the right path & offered to guide me to the next level of my journey, he has already been able to use his extensive network of connections to assist with my project. I very much look forward to continuing to work with Ajit”

Simon Elliott
Inventor of Tri-tector

“Ajit has been exceptionally motivated in mentoring and helping me to get my company started. He has gone above and beyond what I expected from him when I originally reached out to meet. Ajit provided me with incredibly useful frameworks giving me clarity and enabling effective strategizing for growth. This has been followed up with ongoing feedback that is balanced in its realism and optimism. Ajit has always been easy to reach and promptly replies to all correspondence. Thank-you Ajit!”

Timothy Hawkey
Co-Founder – Energy Bank

“Working with Ajit was easy. He asked thoughtful questions and cut straight to the nub of the issue. His advice was very useful, helped us restructure our thinking, and enabled us to make some valuable changes to the way we presented our marketing material. He was also responsive when we tried to contact him, which is always good in an advisor.”

Daniel Paul
Founder – The PR Company


“Ajit is a great combination of a Finance guy who thinks Strategy first! I also saw him as practical & someone who went after what was ‘possible” rather than some idealistic goal! He is, of course, a great guy to work with! I would love to work with him again! “

Ajay Kelkar
Co – founder – Hansa Cequity

“Working with Ajit is very insightful, with his expertise in strategy building by utilizing the best connects in the M&E sector has helped eHom a lot & more to come in the future. Always a go to person to have who lead us through every step which is essential for more agile maturity & network building for an early-stage startup. “

Indrasen Pilankar
Co-Founder – eHom

“Ajit is a great combination of a Finance guy who thinks Strategy first! I also saw him as practical & someone who went after what was ‘possible” rather than some idealistic goal! He is, of course, a great guy to work with! I would love to work with him again!”


“Fantastic personality, superbly knowledgeable, extremely hardworking, and amazingly friendly if and only if you manage to get past that professional skin. His overall experience is a boon for and start-up who is trying to understand and navigate finances, funding or even governance issues. I loved working with him and till date over last 15 years I associate with him on various fronts. That should be a great pointer to the value of Ajit to someone!”


” I met Ajit at a conference and, unusually so for me, I felt very comfortable speaking with him. We were looking for someone to hold our hand through the process of fund raising and Ajit had the write experience, knowledge and network that we were looking for. He helped us to build a long term strategy, financial model and a pitch. He also introduced us to many of his contacts in the investor community. Working with Ajit was enjoyable and a learning experience. He was open to other ideas and suggestions and is very sensitive to various typical organizational issues. I would be happy to use his services the next time the need arises.”

Aniruddha Joshi
Co founder – Zibito

“Ajit with multi-faceted experience has evolved in to a great strategist for start-ups with in-depth knowledge of Finance coupled with hands on experience of international operations & M&A’s
I am personally surprised with his successful experience trail he hasn’t yet been snapped up by one of the larger funds. However, this is boon to start-ups and MSMEs wanting to scale up to utilise his experience and expertise. Every visionary with head in clouds needs a man with feet on ground to take care of business and Ajit is that man.
Ajit is a great team player and networker which is seen from the fact that we have remained in touch for 30 years after working together in 1990.”



“Our experience with Mr. Joshi has been refreshingly different from our experiences of other mentors and guides. He was extremely clear in outlining the requirements so there was never any confusion or unmet expectations. He delivered every phase in less time than originally projected and followed up thoroughly to make sure we were all in sync. We recommend him highly and would use his services again without hesitation”

Shirish Srivastava
Co- Founder – Shogun Global