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“We operate like partners with businesses and not as consultants. “

“We understand the business first, then create a solution for client”
“We use the same ingredients but create a customised solution recipe for clients”

Business consultancy which works on client consultant involvement model

Our core philosophy centers on crafting uncomplicated yet highly implementable solutions. Within the SME sector, our focus is on offering cost-effective rather than financially burdensome remedies. We begin by closely aligning with founders and management to thoroughly grasp the specific business needs. Subsequently, we design practical solutions aimed at aiding the company in achieving its objectives as swiftly as possible. The key to our success lies in developing intelligent and realistic solution strategies.

Our approach involves making the most of the client’s existing resources and formulating innovative strategies to tackle their issues. Our forte is in assembling specialized resources at a fraction of the cost. We not only open doors to future growth but also provide a comprehensive overview of opportunities that may have eluded your notice.

About Me

“When it comes to corporate strategies, our unique approach resolves intricate issues and unlocks the full potential of your business.”

Multi Facet Consultant

Ajit’s extensive firsthand experience in over ten different industries positions him as a versatile consultant who provides a broader perspective on addressing business challenges.

Strategist & Growth Hacker

His international background, startup experience, and wide-ranging industry exposure enable him to create customized business and growth strategies.

Master Executioner

Ajit’s wealth of experience spanning from large corporations to startups positions him as a master of cost-effective execution in the realm of finance.

Business growth hacker

A business growth hacker will assist you in achieving a highly targeted and resource-efficient approach to business expansion.

Business strategy

Business strategy will help you craft the long-term strategy of the company in order to retain the leadership position of the company.

Entry into the Indian market

This will facilitate a smooth entry into the Indian market, ensuring optimal outcomes through the right strategic approach.

Business intelligence and analytics

Utilizing business intelligence will steer your attention toward the correct data points and reports, facilitating swift decision-making and enhanced control

Startup stimulator

As an entrepreneur, you can validate your idea and conduct market research using the appropriate criteria. This process will provide you with a focused approach and define your path forward.

Startup catalysts

This will establish essential growth goals following commercialization. We’ll assist you in formulating growth strategies and assessing available opportunities.


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