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8 key insights for sale of agriculture equipment and implements

Sale of agriculture equipment and implements has always been a challenge in our country. The country which is predominantly dominated by agriculture sector yet it lacked the innovations and use of modern equipment and implements. With rapid innovations in technology, the number of new implements and equipment are introduced in the market which would help to develop and ease out the process substantially. However considering the demographics of our country and poor infrastructure along with lack of knowledge makes it difficult to sale agriculture implements and equipment.

Tips for sale of agriculture equipment and implements

1.The product needs visibility since it is a physical product. – Digital marketing achieves a limited purpose of creating awareness but the products needs to be visible to farmers and they should be able to have a look at the same. Physical display of product creates the curiosity but also answers their hidden questions.

2.The sale of new implements involves concept selling – By introducing the new implements you are trying to change their traditional ways and introducing them to new ways. This is a concept selling and a lot of educational aspect will precede the actual sales.

3.Digital mediums as tool of education – Digital marketing should be used more towards spreading awareness and educating the farmers. However the small videos make a lot of impact and they give the first visual look at the implement / equipment including the actual working of the same.

4.Product should be made available at his doorsteps for testing. – Even though the farmer has seen the implements at sales demonstrations or otherwise he would still prefer it to be tested at his own farm. He alone knows the issues in his farm including the terrine and he wants to be satisfied about the product. But this effectively means you should have great logistics arrangement to take the implements to various farmers in different villages.

5.Influencer role in final sale process – Influencer plays a very important role in every sale of implement or equipment. He is the person who is always consulted with before farmers takes a final decision. Apart from other activities it is extremely important to find out such a influencer and the credibility needs to be established with him. He alone can swing lot of farmers.

6.After sale service – Farmer is always very concerned about the after sale service a parts availability. Single day downtime in a season cost him a lot. It is extremely important to ensure that they are well aware of the network and availability of the services.

7.Effective dealer network. – Dealer network plays a very important role since they are the closest to the market and also in every day touch with the customer. Dealer dependency drives the success of the sales and they need to be adequately motivated to promote the implement / equipment.

8.Rural marketing – It is extremely important to take the agriculture product to the nearest point of farmer. Rural marketing which is in the form of village marketing day, or state transport bus panel advertising or agro exhibitions are some of the cheap but efficient ways to do the rural marketing which at times even converts in to sales.

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