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Digitization is considered as 4th revolution but are we ready for it ?

Before we even get in to subject it is important to understand what digitization really means in simple words. Digitization is actually converting the manual process in to technological process using various handheld or pocket devices or laptops or large computer systems.

With exponential growth in technology and new innovations in devices we are getting newer techniques to perform same functions which were hitherto done manually or by using traditional way.

We are coming across new innovations every day which are touching all the business processes be it HR, Production, Marketing, service, finance etc. These innovations are helping to reduce the costs and increase the productivity.

However how do we implement this specially in large diversified organizations because entire workforce is used to a certain way of working or doing things. Any change is always resisted and here we are trying to change fundamental way of working.

These technological innovations not only show the new way of working but also necessitate the adoption of new devices throughout the company’s work force. Lets not forget that we are dealing with human beings from all walks of life and they are hard to change by.

How do we implement digitization in the company ?

It is not possible to give one simple formula which can be applied to every company. It will completely depend on various aspects like

  • Size of the company
  • Products of the company
  • Locations of the company and geographical spread
  • Manpower involved
  • Complexity of the process

Digitization can be done in one single department or in all the departments simultaneously but will depend on the complexity of the company and process. It is conscious call if company wants to ignite the process every where or step by step across the company.

There are multiple challenges companies may face while in the process of digitization which are

  • increase demand on the capital due to need for acquisition of assets or devices,
  • Training of the manpower to use the devices and use of the technology
  • Integration of the various process from different departments in to one single platform for seamless operations.
  • How do we deal with enormous data which will be generated through digitization on real time and which will change the decision making process.

It is a challenge to ensure smooth transition in to digitization across the company and may take months together and will require planning in advance.

As a CEO you have to become a facilitator to ensure that it is not resisted but also being implemented properly. It would be prudent to take help of specialist to implement since adequate bandwidth of management may not be there and without that it would simply fail.

Digitization has far reaching consequences and it throws enormous amount real time data and top management has to learn and get used to handle this amount of data. The data needs analytics and it would ultimately change the decision making process as well.

Digitization can not be implemented by an order but top management has to create atmosphere which would explain the rational to workforce and also create a coherent process within the departments and between the departments. It requires a continuous monitoring, customization of the process. Digitization not only changes internal working but it also changes the channels in which the dialogue with customers, suppliers and vendors is maintained.

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